Review: Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace

Charlotte StreetMeehh.

Very English. Can be a good thing, if you are English (or someone who understands their culture) then most probably you know what the author’s trying to say. There are a lot (when I say a lot, it actually means endless) of references of being and living English. Inside jokes are a lot appreciated, if people can actually relate to them or at least understand it. Unfortunately in my case, Wallace’s sense of humor was put into waste.

It’s actually too English for me. Personally, I like it when the author tries to incorporate their culture into the story, but this one was too much. There were a lot of irrelevant and unnecessary references that did not tie up to what he was trying to say. It actually felt like a free tutorial of “How to Learn and Talk English—now with jokes!”

The protagonist’s train of thoughts sounded like a girl and it’s not even a good one. He kept on babbling (about 2 pages long) of the same thing. He kept repeating things particularly this line “that place that everyone thinks is a brothel but isn’t.” I get it. It’s a joke, but it wasn’t even funny the first time what makes you think saying it again makes it funnier? Repetition makes everything less convincing and more irritating.

The layout of the chapters was also confusing. Did not like it at all, especially the blog type. Just because it was italicize doesn’t immediately denote that it’s a blog. And also it wasn’t relevant (it could actually do without it) because it did not contribute to help the reader’s understanding.

If there were pictures, I guess that would pump up the rating but it didn’t happen. It would really give color and life back to the story since this one depends heavily on pictures because obviously they’re using it as a guide to find her.

Actual Rating: ✰✰

Do I like it: Not for me, really

Recommended: To people who enjoys playing treasure hunt but this time the treasure’s a girl

(Fullybooked, Paperback, P 599)


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