Review: The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas

End of Mr YI don’t get the hype.

Ambitious. The intention of the author was to create another dimension inside us, which is great. And it didn’t focus on our unconscious but on our conscious level. I didn’t expect that but it was a good idea to start with. But the execution was (unfortunately) a total fail for me.

As much as I want to add more plus points, I really can’t find another one. I actually love it when they put science into the book but reading this one felt choking on it. There was too much information given to you all at once. And they didn’t even make it friendly but rather very scientific. All I wanted was to finish the damn book but the author didn’t want me to because of how thick the book is.

Reading this book literally felt like suffocating (which I never encountered before) I wanted more dialogues. More like I craved for more dialogues but instead they gave me 3 pages of long explanation of the Troposphere (which I don’t really give a shit) quoting famous people like Derrida, Darwin, Heidegger and Einstein. I catch myself jumping from one paragraph to another because I wanted to get it over and done with. I even kept on counting how many pages were left, that’s how much I wanted it to end.

As if that wasn’t enough, they had to compare it to Shadow of the Wind. I read the Praises for The End of Mr. Y, and I saw one particular praise that made me want to rip the page, it says “Reminiscent of Carlos Ruiz Zafrón’s The Shadow of the Wind — Pages”

And damn do I beg to differ. Really, how dare you (Pages) compare this book to Shadow of the Wind? Like, have you even read it? One, there wasn’t even one bit of science in that book. And two, I don’t recall hating it. Geez, you’re putting shame on Carlos Ruiz Zafón (No offense Scarlett, but next time try to pick decent and reliable reviews)

Actual Rating: ✰

Do I like it: Hell no

Recommended: To people who enjoy reading science textbooks

(Fullybooked, Paperback, P 599)


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