Review: Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

The Lovely BonesIt’s official, I’m disappointed.

Chapter 1.Fantastic! Nobody has to go through with the gory and horrific details of the rape scene. I just can’t deal with those things even if it’s a movie—I just don’t want to know how “it” was done. It puts me in a very uncomfortable and uneasy situation. And I have the tendency to empathize with the character/person and I get emotional and personal—not a good sight. So, I like how quick and light they manage to put it.

Father Figure. I can’t recall the last time I’ve read or watched something that had a strong father figure since it usually the mother. But this one, total opposite. Every effort and hardship of the father was put into account. It dealt with father and daughter relationship heavily and beautifully. Sebold gave voice and focused more on the father side, which immediately puts it in a different light. It was really lovely to see her father’s growth and development throughout her daughter’s death.

This one is such a bummer. It’s a mystery novel that doesn’t have enough answers. Well then, what does that leave me with? I just thought it would be a good one cause it started nice. I just really don’t like the in-betweens! It’s intolerable! (Esp the part where mommy’s feeling kinda hot and steamy all in the wrong places with the wrong person and at the wrong time)

The idea of heaven was too vague. It wasn’t easily explained. It left me wandering if Sebold really put enough effort in creating another idea of heaven. Creating another dimension puts a lot of practice and effort because you have to be really specific and creative. But this one just felt blurry.

Mr. Harvey and Salmon’s mother are an epitome of bad characterization. They felt intriguing to the point it was annoying already since you can’t actually pinpoint their personality like they’re trying to be cool or something. Mr. Harvey was the biggest disappointment, there was no clear explanation WHY he did it. This is torture! At least tell me why he did it! What’s the reason behind it? Why’d she pick specifically her? Why that time? It can’t be just random. Or if it was then have the decency to say it. *grunts and cools down*

Actual Rating: ✰✰✰

Do I like it: I mostly don’t

Recommended:To people who look forward reading all Mystery/Crime novels regardless if its good or bad

(National Bookstore, Mass Paperback, P 315)


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