Review: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Never Let Me GoI’m probably part of the 1%.

Strange. Every thing about this book was strange—the writing, the characters, the setting, the plot, the title and even the book cover.

Sad. Well, it was supposed to be tragic but to be more exact, it was more of a sad story. I can’t say what the book is about because it’ll remove the one reason why you should (or shouldn’t) read it.

The thing is, it wasn’t as strange or tragic as I thought it would be. I’ve read more books that was the epitome of tragic like every one died except for the main character and he couldn’t do anything to save them and worse, that’s was just the beginning.

And I can’t even make up reasons why I didn’t like it as much, because of how plain and direct the story is. There’s this note I wrote regarding this book that’ll sum up my feelings, “I’m almost done but still there’s nothing really much to say.”

It felt like the main character just did whatever the author wanted, as if she was a puppet being dragged wherever the author wished. Even though it was set in a first person point of view, the character was characterless (if that’s even a word) which is probably the intention of the author, but making the character soulless was equivalent to an indifferent reader.

And btw, the movie was no different.

Actual Rating: ✰✰✰

Do I like it: No

Recommended to: To people who wants to master the art of sleeping while reading

(Fullybooked, Paperback, P 599)


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