Teaser Tuesday: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

There was no real sense of life because she had nothing to contrast it with. Oh but now, there was dying and loss and grief. Weeping and shuddering,terror and remorse. Now that she knows where we’re all going, she* feels every moment of  her life. 

* – Character’s name substituted to a pronoun

Introducing a new meme for my blog, hosted by Should Be Reading! And it’s Teaser Tuesday. I’ll be copying a few lines or so from the book that I am currently reading, which is so happens to be Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. And don’t worry I will avoid spoilers!

I’ve read one book from him, which is Damned. It’s actually a trilogy, I believe. And I already bought the second book (Doomed). Let’s just say it’s not his best work. So I don’t want to put a big-ass “X” on Chuck that fast. Which leads us to this book. His well known work, Fight Club. Btw, this already has a movie adaptation.

Have you read this book and/or watched the movie? Is it a love it or leave it? Comment down below, so I would know!

(Hosted by: Should Be Reading)

(Pictures are not mine)


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