Update: Merry Christmas! (and can we just ignore the fact that it’s over)

Yes, it’s late. And yes, I’m a bad blogger. But for the love of Baby Jesus (no pun intended) let’s please ignore the fact that it’s over.

I wanna greet you, burnners, a (belated)


So in our family, we had to do the mandatory family Christmas party. And of course, what’s more appropriate than a basic, casual, attire? This is what I wore: I opted for a maroon shirt, because I couldn’t find a red one that would match the theme. And Joni-esque, which is the infamous, high-waisted (wedgie) jeans from Topshop–take note, the esque. (Pardon, it’s the only pose I know)



And since it’s a Filipino Christmas party, exchange-gifts were a given factor already. Different parties equate to different rules and regulations. Ours’ were too complicated to explain, but it’s usually called White Elephant. Basically, people could “steal” your gift and if they do, you get to pick and open another present, which again could be stolen.

Cut to the chase: My present was stolen from me twice!! And it was really funny, since they were my cousins and I’ve known them since I was a fetus, so I could easily tell what they’ve bought. And it was really hard to choose, since all the good ones were out, but I made it! I got the best one!




It’s a four-piece Coca-Cola glass set that could fit the exact amount of a Coca Cola can. And I’m gonna use it for it’s true purpose, which is (obviously) to put something that’s not coke. Boycott coke! (2x) Yeah right, as if we could give up diabetes that easily. But seriously, I think it’s more of an ornament than anything else. Believe me that was the best gift among the bunch including action-figure-on-top-of-the-tumblr, towel, petron cars, pillows, chocolates, mugs and bath gels. So yeah, still the queen B! *Yes, I know it’s upside down.

How was your Christmas? Share your Christmas by commenting down below! I would love to know how it turned out. Did you guys have an annual Christmas party as well? Or did you guys celebrate it somewhere else? Does snowing affect your Christmas spirit? (That, I really want to know) 🙂

– Ophelle 🙂 // Twitter, InstagramGoodreads

(Pictures captured by me and Odelia of The Random Book Blogger)


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