Update: How I Spent My Holiday

So we went somewhere.. And it’s crazy how these things won’t register as something real, unless we actually go there and experience it ourselves. What I’m trying to say is we (it means my family plus me) went to Baler in Quezon Province–it’s a local tourist spot (that I’ve never heard of) in the Philippines.

If you’re a beach junkie and you’re looking for a good place to hang out or just relax without clearing your bank account then this is the place.



Baler is known for it’s beach waves (the actual beach, not the hair style) because it’s closer to the Pacific Ocean, waves are a lot more stronger and intense, perfect for surfers! I’m not a beach babe (nor am I a babe) so I didn’t really go the extra step to really swim and surf. Funny thing is, when I look at the beach, it just sinks in how small we are, how powerless we are, and that kind of soothes me for some reason. Just makes me realize how big the world is and that my life is not limited to the reality I am facing now–whoa there, where did that came from.





Now this type of beach is a little different. People are not allowed to swim in this beach area since it’s really deep and you could get yourself killed, if you tried. And it’s so hard not to look at it without thinking of Jaws.. I could hear the soundtrack already.. (cue du-dun dun dun dun)



But there’s like a river connected to it, where in you’re allowed to swim in. My siblings and I actually drank the water just to compare it with the beach water (since it’s salty and all) and lo and behold it could pass for a fresh water!! I drank it twice, (I know gross) just because I had to prove to myself that it wasn’t a delusion or something–lame excuse.

That’s pretty much it really. I think this type of set up, where in there’s a lot of beach going on, is perfect for hanging out with friends and such since (for me) beach are a lot more fun when you have someone to share it with. Since my parents are kind of “mature” and don’t register swimming as fun, tendency is we’re left alone swimming–which is pretty sad.

But nonetheless, I had so much fun!! Ever since pool became popular, we don’t go to the beach anymore because it’s a lot of effort to go especially if it’s far. I grew up living close to one, so it’s nice to replenish my old childhood memories.


– Ophelle 🙂 // Twitter, InstagramGoodreads

(Pictures captured by me and Odelia of The Random Book Blogger)

022015 || I know it’s supppppeerrr late but I’ve been really busy with my family and school. I’m so sorry for not posting as much as I intended to. I hope I can assure you that posts will be up soon, but to be honest, I haven’t done my reviews yet, however do know that I am trying my best to squeeze it all in. And I genuinely like to blog more and talk to you guys but for now, I’m on leave. Although I won’t be able to post on a regular basis, I’ll try to post once in a while. 🙂 


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