Teaser Tuesday: The Girl with All the Gifts

The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey

The strap is designed so they never have to put their hands in front of Melanie’s face. Melanie sometimes says, “I won’t bite.” She says it as a joke, but Sergeant’s people never laugh.

Lez be real. It’s not Tuesday. But I’ve been watching a lot of Walking Dead (Video Game) in YouTube. I actually like it better than the actual TV Series, and it just feels a little more realistic plus less annoying. Anyway, I watched pewdiepie’s walk through in case you were wondering. I like how emotional and connected he is especially at the end of both seasons. *bro fist*

So obviously, this book is about zombie apocalypse! Which is horror, and I don’t normally read that genre. Let’s admit it. I’m pretty much a pussy, but a cute one. I’ve been loving it recently! I can tell that it’s a good book already. I’m excited to finish this, so I can share my opinion with you guys! The idea of zombies has always freaked me out. So I never really got the hype. But now, I get it why it’s so engaging. BECAUSE THEY’RE (literally) RUNNING FOR THEIR LIVES.

Tell me if you’ve read it! Or you have read something similar. I would really love to know if you enjoy these kinds of books, and if you have any recommendations for me to read. My book collection is in dire need of more horror books. But bear in mind that I’m still a beginner, so no Stephen King’s Carrie scary please, hahaha!

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2 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday: The Girl with All the Gifts

  1. I’ve always hated horror in general because I’m a wimp (LOL) and also because a lot of it just…seems pointless. Everyone usually dies in the end. XD

    But I really enjoyed reading this book because it’s a different take on zombies. My love affair with zombies actually started with Feed by Mira Grant, which totally changed my view on the zombie genre. I’d probably recommend reading that as well if you like this one! Cell by Stephen King (but it’s not scary/boring like his other books, I promise! Hahaha) is also pretty good. 🙂

    1. Omg, me too!!! I just get scared so easily! I just like the thrill it comes with, but i hate sleeping with it. I’ll get crazy and start imagining stuff ahahaha! Yeah, me too! This is my first zombie book. And i loved it! Its not too scary for my weak soul ahaha! Oh cool, no one has recommended me Cell before!! Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll try to remember that, the next time I go to our bookstore!

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