Review: Make Good Art by Neil Gaiman, Chip Kidd (Designer)

Deciding to get an art course is to decide on a lot of things.

It’s to decide whether your passion would be enough to put food on the table, to afford a roof over your head, to pay the monthly bills—to earn a living. You’ll have a constant doubt. But you keep moving, until you reached graduation and everything hits you.. you have no damn clue where to start.

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Review: Coraline by Neil Gaiman

CoralineWhen it comes to Neil Gaiman (and other things), I’m a virgin—let’s not get carried away please.

Short and concise. Well for one it’s darn short. Concise since it the usual by 3’s—the victims, the visits, the misfortune and etc.

I don’t know what to expect. While reading, you already have this suspicion for something bad to happen, something dangerous. I kept on guessing (even begging) for it to happen already. And I expect it to be quite weird or eerie since that’s what the ambiance is implying.

Unconventional. It’s obviously not the typical Middle Grade horror book. It’s goes deeper than that. We live in a world where things aren’t the way it’s supposed to be. And of course, we would want to escape from the boring routine and endless cycle we constantly been living. But in order to do that, sacrifices must be made to fully commit to the fantasy we’ve all been yearning. The thing is the world was not built to please or satisfy. Its purpose is not to comply and is not obligated to follow. So no matter how hard we try, the world will never be what you wanted it to be. It can and will never be the exact fantasy you’ve been lusting. It will always have flaws. It’s just your choice whether to live with it or not.

Coraline, coraline, coraline. I have to say that the character is very brave and fearless for her age. If that happened to me, I would logically bring firearms and knifes, first-aid kit, cellphone and I could even bring someone with me just in case I need back-up. Obviously, I am not the bravest girl in town but I am (really) curious. So I would do the dumbest thing (just like what Caroline did), which was to come back to the portal (I’m going to call it portal, but it’s just the door she goes to) just to double check if it was real or not.

Her family might seem pretty dull and sad but that didn’t stop her from saving her parents. I just love that. To save someone not worth saving is excellent. (Btw, I’m not saying you shouldn’t save your parents but I’m talking about people who have lousy and rude personality) It’s like you ought to save people no matter how bad their personality is because they have as much value as you do. They too have souls (even though it doesn’t seem like it)

Hope that well won’t open up though.

Actual Rating: ✰✰✰✰

Do I like it: Yes, definitely!

Recommended: To people who are curious to know what lies behind the locked door.

(Fullybooked, Mass Paperback, P 252)