Top Ten Tuesdays: Top New Series I Want To Start

First thing’s first, (I’m the realist) I’m going to go ahead and say that most of the books here are YA (young-adult) fantasy. So yes, I do read YA. I just don’t read it a lot, lol. Enjoy!

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Finnikin of the Rock (Lumatere Chronicles #1) by Melina Marchetta

I’m not gonna lie. It’s not the greatest book cover but the start-up line is pretty cool–“At the age of nine, Finnikin is warned by the gods that he must sacrifice a pound of flesh to save his kingdom.” 

Eon: Dragoneye Reborn (Eon #1) by Alison Goodman

I have a confession. I haven’t read any book that contains dragon or has something to do with dragons. So this one particularly caught my eye since (they say) the protagonist, which is a girl, is so bad ass! So why not?

The Young Elites (The Young Elites #1) by Marie Lu

I’ve been seeing this a lot in my goodreads timeline. And when I read the plot, sparks flew. And also because my sister has been recommending me to read Legend by Marie Lu but I wasn’t into the plot, so i opted for this one.

The Archived (The Archived #1) by Victoria Schwab

“Imagine a place where the dead rest on shelves like books.” Sounds good to me.

Code Name Verity (Code Name Verity #1) by Elizabeth Wein

I’ve been eying this out for a while now and I think I regret not buying this. This centers in WWII with strong female protagonist. Again, with strong female protagonist.

Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1) by Sarah J. Maas

I wanna know what the hype is all about.

Daughter of Smoke & Bone (Daughter of Smoke & Bone #1) by Laini Taylor

Dude her natural hair color is blue. I gotta have that stuff. This is actually included in my Timely TBR, so review will be up soon!

Shadow and Bone (The Grisha #1) by Leigh Bardugo

I’ve been lusting over this one. This has been receiving a lot of hype recently. And I knew this book even before it was hyped up, but a lot of people have been liking the series (not the first book) so much that it makes me kind of curious enough to read it. AND TALK ABOUT THAT COVER, PLEASE.

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1) by Marissa Meyer

Re-tellings of different fairy tales including Cinderella, Little Red Ridding Hood and Rapunzel. Jeez, that sounds freaking amazing. Cinder is Cindarella’s re-telling apparently she becomes a cyborg of some sort. Also A+ for the cover!

The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) by Patrick Ness

“Everyone can hear everyone else’s thoughts in an overwhelming, never-ending stream of Noise.” YES, PATRICK NESS. YES!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books for Fall

Top Ten Books On My Fall To-Be-Read List

Besides the fact that we don’t experience fall or autumn season, I’m still going to do this feature for my personal pleasure–and yours too. I hope you don’t mind. And btw, I already have all the books in this TBR. So if you’re eyeing something out, feel free to comment or message me regarding the price and/or bookstore.

*For more information about the book, click the (image of the) book or the title.

And so it begins!

S. by J.J. Abrams

This is kind of an impulse buy. I have to admit with the kind of TBR I have, it’s kind of unreasonable to buy another one, but this so unique that I just can’t pass it up. It a step-up to your conventional or traditional books. This one takes interactivity to a whole new level.

I‘ll Be Right There by Kyung-sook Shin, 신경숙

I have a thing for literary fiction.. Plus the rating (in Goodreads) is so damn high, and I wanted to see if it’s true or not. It should be because it was expensive.

A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra

Historical fiction, who would’ve guess? And also this is set in Russia, so it’s a breath of fresh air from American countries–not that I’m against it. A lot of books that are set in Russia have something to do with World War 2, but I don’t think this one tackles it specifically.

Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

I actually watched the movie first, the anime version. I believed it was produced by Toshio Suzuki, animated by Studio Ghibli. I’ve watched and hoarded a lot of films by Studio Ghibli. My favorite among the bunch is Ponyo! Anyway, because of how good it is, I just had to read it–even if it’s against my rules to watch a movie THEN read the book.

The Martian by Andy Weir

I’ve been putting this one aside. I don’t know, I haven’t had luck when it comes to science fiction. Although this one claims to be funny, so it might appeal to me more than the standard science fiction. And the plot is interesting enough–if being stranded alone in Mars is your kind of thing.

Rosie’s Project by Graeme Simsion

Romance, I have a love and hate relationship with this genre. Although, I think this book is right up my alley since it’s nerdy, sweet and (the main thing) it doesn’t start with an affair. Which I think, a lot of romance novels are unfortunately known for.

The Child Thief  by Broom

Hah, again with Peter Pan. Lets proceed before my emotions take over.. This is a deconstruction or a re-telling of (my boyfriend) Peter Pan. And I think this one is supposed to be a horror? But I’m not sure. In this book, Peter Pan is considered as a child thief–just in case you didn’t get the title. (Well you can steal me all you want)

The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell

“They said the typewriter would unsex us.” Sold.

The Complete Maus (Maus, #1-2)  by Art Spiegelman 

Did you know I had to order this off at Fully Booked (since it’s sold out) and had to wait for two months just to get my hands on it–that’s real (book) love right there. This is a memoir but in a graphic novel format. World War 2, Maus = Jews and Cats = Germans, which is the perfect analogy. That pretty much sums up what it’s about. But for whatever reason, it’s always included in Top *insert adjective* Graphic Novel list.

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill 

Hah, I know I can be such a chicken when we talk about horror. So it’s totally logical for me to pick this one up. I believe this was released around Christmas since the plot revolves around that season. And boy is it coming. I’ve been wanting to read at least one Joe Hill.. And everything scares the shit out of me. I opted this one since it’s the LEAST frightening. But I could be wrong..

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Top Ten Tuesday: Classic Reads

Here are my top ten classic reads!

Btw, I won’t be posting the blurb or the synopsis of each book since that’s what goodreads are for. If you are curious to see what it’s about, then just click the (image of the) book you’re interested in and it’ll send you straight to goodreads.

To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper Lee (Read)

If you want something that talks about racism in a different light then I think this is for you. (But you know, I could be wrong) Just by looking the plot, I didn’t expect this to be anything special. But boy was I wrong! Btw, dibs on Jem! (That sounds so pedo)

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (Unread)

I am just sooo pumped up to read this! If you love books that talks about books then join the bandwagon with me! It has something to do with a guy and his job is to burn books, which is of course insane, but sounds interesting enough. Books + Burn = It just has my blog name written all over it.

Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell (Unread)

Okay I actually never read a classic that focused more on romance but this one sounds good, plus it’s historical fiction! If you love historical fiction and romance, then I guess you’ve read this already. And if yes, then please share your courage and effort to start and finish this endless-like (because it’s so thick) book. If not, then we can read it together! (Just send me a message!)

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, Michael Hague (Unread)

I have a confession.. I know I’m too old for this but. Peter Pan is my all-time, ultimate, absolute, total crush!! There I said it. I know “how could I be totally head over heels for something I haven’t read yet.” The thing is I’m just in love with the idea of him. Okay, TMI. But really, someday I’ll have time to read this even if my TBR screams no. I will have time. I’ll find time. Better yet, I’ll create time only for this book. But seriously, who wouldn’t want to read about a boy who would never grow old? 

East of Eden by John Steinbeck (Unread)

I’ve been searching for this one for so long, but seems like the odds are not in my favor. It has something to do with Adam and Eve as well as Cain and Abell. That just sounds so interesting! I love it when books incorporate certain stories from the bible (except Da Vinci Code) since it gives it more depth and texture to the story.

Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut (Unread)

Wow, they actually said that there’s no character. Well that’s a change. Science Fiction is not my favorite genre, but this sounds interesting enough (based on reviews and recommendations) Besides, why not try it? At least you’ll have bragging rights!

Unbearable Lightness of Being (Read)

Very very very interesting concept of life decisions or choices. How they are capable of manipulating us into the person we are now. I have a full review for this one, here.

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie (Unread)

Fun Fact: Did you know that the first title of this books was “Ten Little Niggers” as if that wasn’t bad enough they changed it again to “Ten Little Indians”? And finally, And Then There Was None? They had to change the blunt title because back then (with that title) sales were low since people didn’t buy books with title as frank as that. (Imagine having to go over the counter and pay for it) The story has the same concept with “Ten Little Indians” like one by one they die/disappear and then there was none! (Duh?)

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, Craig Raine (Unread)

Uhm. I’m going to let the book cover do the talking.

Pride and the Prejudice by Jane Austen (Unread)

Well this can’t be a classic read without the presence of Jane Austen. The classic (literally) love story that we all repeatedly fall for.


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